Considering the importance of refrigeration equipment quality and their standards that have direct impact on energy consumption, longevity of these equipment and final consumer’s security “PADIDAVARAN E SARMA” company prepares all kinds of refrigeration equipment based on high quality and according to current global standards under technical supervision of outstanding engineers in this industry and using national and international accredited laboratories. In this regard “PADID AVARAN E SARMA” company has registered its refrigerating products under the brand “PAS” while doing precise quality control and full supervision “PADID AVARAN E SARMA”, tries to supply high quality products to global markets. Refrigerating gas under the brand “PAS” has a special position in market and its high quality causes many manufacturer factories and service providers throughout the country to use “PAS” gas in order to high quality and satisfactory service for their final customers. Furthermore compressor is one of the most important spare parts of refrigerating systems. More over “PADID AVARAN E SARMA” cooperates with credible companies to meet the demand of providers and manufacturer factories by procurement of various products with high quality. With using the encouragement and assistance of the pioneers in this industry, we hope to be able to step forward towards improving and promoting the quality of the imported refrigeration parts and equipment .By doing this “PADID AVARAN E SARMA” tries to promote the quality of the local manufactured products and increase our patriot’s welfare.

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